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Nepal Dog Art Websites

Here’s your chance to see, and enjoy, some canine art by the hands of Nepalese painters. Check it out at these two websites:

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The Poem About a Dog that Inspired a Novel

For those who appreciate poetry, it is not unusual to find that a particularly poignant poem may serve to inspire good prose. I uncovered one such inspiration while researching the life of Lain Singh Bangdel, the well-known Nepalese litterateur (writer, … Continue reading

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Canine Quotes & Wise Woofs!

  “The best archaeological and genetic evidence suggests that dogs began evolving from wolves somewhere between twelve and forty thousand years ago. We take this relationship for granted, although on closer inspection, it is an astounding thing to have happened…” … Continue reading

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What Are You Feeding Your Dog~?

University of California Researchers Find Dog Food Recipes Unhealthy, from a report by Lonnie Wong, Reporter ( The sketch is by Hans Messerschmidt* Davis, California ( Researchers at the University of California, Davis have found that many homemade dog food … Continue reading

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“The phrase “dogs of war” evokes the unleashing of fury and violence, but dog-loving Melbourne artist Peter Wegner has won the Gallipoli art prize by depicting the softer side of canines in combat. “His ‘confronting’ oil painting shows a dog … Continue reading

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A Quest for the Authentic

‘Big Dogs of Tibet and the Himalayas: A Personal Journey‘ by Don Messerschmidt (Orchid Press 2011). Book cover design by Hans-Dietrich* Review by Daniel Taylor This remarkable book is worth reading—even if a reader is not particularly interested in big … Continue reading

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“Adam and Dog” by Minkyu Lee

This short film has been nominated for an Academy Award. For dog people, this is a ‘must see’! Access it online at . <<>> Enjoy! 

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