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Doing Business With Dogs

How to Run a Dog Business: Putting Your Career Where Your Heart Is, by Veronica Boutelle. 2nd edition, 2014. Book Review. This is a book for anyone contemplating running a business as a dog trainer, walker or sitter, or operating … Continue reading

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Rescue Me!

The Mountaintop School for Dogs and Other Second Chances, by Ellen Cooney. Book Review, Fiction This unique novel is all about dogs, rescued and in the process of being reoriented to a new life, and the Sanctuary, a mountaintop canine … Continue reading

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STICKEEN — The Story of a Dog

STICKEEN, John Muir and the Brave Little Dog, by John Muir, as retold by Donnell Rubay. Illustrated by Christopher Canyon.   Childrens Book Review  Well over 100 years ago, in the 1880s, the American naturalist and glacier specialist John Muir … Continue reading

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Sergeant Stubby

Book Review – Nonfiction, Canine Biography Sergeant Stubby is a biography of a dog, a stray Bull Terrier who joined the American forces in France in World War-I, and (as the sub-title puts it) “stole the heart of a nation.” … Continue reading

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Book Review – Nonfiction, Humor Dog-Tripping by David Rosenfelt is a book jam-packed with dogs at the center of an adventure to transport several RVs full of them, from coast to coast. The whole long title is Dog Tripping: 25 … Continue reading

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The Cantankerous Dog and the Yoga Instructor

BOOK REVIEW – Fiction can·tan·ker·ous, adj.; ill-tempered and quarrelsome; disagreeable, irascible; difficult to handle In Murder Strikes a Pose by Tracey Weber, Kate runs a yoga studio in Seattle. Michael runs a pet shop nearby. George is a vagrant who peddles papers … Continue reading

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Dog Gone Good – Book Review

What do you get when an experienced vet with a sense a humor and a talent for writing pens a novel about dogs? In this case, a great read. Nick Trout is the veterinary/author. The book is Dog Gone, Back … Continue reading

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