About Literary Dogs…

A new adventure in reading and writing about dogs…


Thanks, Sheila. Glad you like the blog! — “Lovely blog! As a dog writer and a folklorist, I share many of your interests. I’ll be back!” < Sheila Boneham

Isabel Marant Sale writes about finding LiteraryDogs.com, and says  “outstanding design and style.” — Thanks Isabel !

THIS SITE IS ABOUT DOGS IN PRINT, all sorts of dogs, (from Tibetan mastiffs, beagles, spaniels, and hounds, to …you name it, your favorites) and all sorts of writings about dogs (books, articles, essays, other blogs, etc.). But, beware: it’s not a blog about saccharine, cutesy ‘doggies’… It’s a serious blog about serious writings about dogs; hence, its title ‘LiteraryDogs’.

Your website is fantastic. Thank you for creating a serious website devoted to dogs and literature!  —Ceiridwen Terrill, Ph.D., Environmental Journalist & Science Writer

ATTENTION AUTHORS & PUBLISHERS OF BOOKS ABOUT DOGS: You are invited to send us review copies for reviews on this site. Our mailing address: Don Messerschmidt, LiteraryDogs, 1218 SE 121st Ave., Vancouver, WA 98683-6239 (USA). Email: LiteraryDogs@gmail.com.

ABOUT ME: I am (1) an Antropologist, (2) a writer, writing mentor, and former magazine editor, (3) author of the popular book, Big Dogs of Tibet and the Himalayas from Orchid Press (winner of the ‘Maxwell Medallion for Excellence’ from Dog Writers Association of America, the DWAA), and (4) a member of the DWAA, as well as the Oregon Writers Colony.

The Website Art Work:

Literary Dogs BANNER_smallMuch of the original art work on this website is by the graphic artist Hans-Dietrich:

▪ THE HOME PAGE BANNER of dogs reading is from a painting by C.M. Coolidge, commissioned in 1903, reinterpreted and adapted here by Hans-Dietrich.


▪ THE ‘KURIO’ CARTOON FIGURES by  Hans-Dietrich include Kurio with tail a’wagging!



WISE WORDS logo small

dog_glasses_type_sm (2)




BigDogs cover smaller BOOK COVERSAs a graphic artist, Hans-Dietrich specializes in branding and design, including stellar book covers like this one for Big Dogs of Tibet and the Himalayas:

Hans’ websites are http://www.hans-dietrich.com and http://www.themodcorp.com, and he can be contacted (in Portland, Oregon) by email at Hans@themodcorp.com, and by phone at 503.329.1209.

Hans-Dietrich, Liesl Messerschmidt and I are also co-founders of http://www.EditWithUs.com, a full service writing, editing and illustration/graphic design company. Contact EditWithUsInfo@gmail.com. <<new email address

1 Response to About Literary Dogs…

  1. sheilaboneham says:

    Lovely blog! As a dog writer and a folklorist, I share many of your interests. I’ll be back!

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