Kristi Sherling’s Passing

The Tibetan Mastiff Community around the world lost a great protector with the passing of KRISTINA ‘Kristi’ SHERLING in Oregon on August 31st after a battle against cancer. Kristina had such a passion for all animals but especially fought hard to maintain the integrity of the native Tibetan Mastiff . She would teach anyone who would listen, in any country, that breeding for correct structure and temperament not only kept a dog healthy but also made it able to do the job it was born to do. With her passing, her love for the Tibetan Mastiff will now live on in her puppies as they grow and have their puppies and for generations to come.

Photo of Kristina Sherling by Sanna Sanderkristi-sherling-photo

About LiteraryDogs

I write and read about dogs, and admire dogs in print; ergo 'LiteraryDogs'. If you have some or all of these same sentiments, let's share our reading/writing knowledge and canine literary insights. My own writings are about Tibetan mastiffs, but I'm flexible and enjoy all dogs.
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