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Embracing the Wild in Your Dog by Bryan Bailey

Embracing the Wild in Your Dog by Bryan Bailey by Laura Novak on December 23, 2015   Publisher: Taming the Wild, LLC Formats: Paperback, eBook, Kindle Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble The book Embracing the Wild in Your Dog, by Bryan … Continue reading

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More on the Mongolian Bhankar Dog & Dog Origins in General

The Mongolian Bankhar Project, from the Institute of Canine Biology Mongolian Bankhar Project Coordinator: Bruce Elfstrom MS (Nomadic Guardian’s Foundation), Douglas Lally (Scientific Field Coordinator), Scientific Team: Carol Beuchat PhD (Institute of Canine Biology, and UC Berkeley), Sundev Gombobaatar PhD (Univ of Mongolia), … Continue reading

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The Big Bankhar Livestock Guardian Dogs of Mongolia

The Himalayan Times (Kathmandu), December 20, 2015 ASSOCIATED PRESS Mongolian dog tradition revived to protect sheep, leopards TUV AIMAG: Through three decades of marriage, they have wandered together across the rolling hills of Mongolia’s northern Tuv Province, accompanied by their … Continue reading

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Now THIS is another kind of Livestock Guardian Dog!

BBC Magazine The dogs that protect little penguins Jon Donnison Sydney correspondent 14 December 2015 From the section Magazine   Image copyright Global screen When foxes discovered little penguins on a small Australian island, they nearly wiped the colony out. … Continue reading

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#DOGORIGINS New Research on Dog Origins…, from SE Asia? and

New twist in tale of dogs’ origins Date: December 16, 2015 Source: KTH The Royal Institute of Technology Summary: The origin of dogs has inspired a lingering controversy in academia. Where and when did dogs first split off from wolves? … Continue reading

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