My Leash on Life (book review)

FOXYLenore Hirsch has recently published an enchanting little book, My Leash on Life: Foxy’s View of the World from a Foot off the Ground. It’s the sort of book someone of any age will enjoy, from a first-grader to young teen, and even older folks for a quick read. Lenore has done a masterful job of writing it for (with) Foxy. It is obvious that she loves dogs, and especially Foxy.

Here’s Foxy, a perky little guy, underfoot, viewing the world around him and interpreting all that he sees, smells, hears, and feels. Foxy at Starbucks. Foxy at the park. Foxy visiting the hospital. Foxy at the vet’s. Foxy being trained–“Sit,” “Stay,” Leave it!”, “Uh Uh!”… the works. Foxy lost in the park. Foxy visiting neighbors and friends. Foxy staying in a hotel. And Foxy watching sadly and a bit bewildered as a beloved human takes ill and passes on.

Foxy is everywhere, trying to figure out what makes us humans tick! His wisdom is unique and healthy, and his commentary on life (both dogs’ and humans’) is entertaining.

After you read this little book, you may well want a pooch like Foxy under your feet.

My Leash on Life: Foxy’s View of the World from a Foot off the Ground, by Lenore Hirsch. Napa, CA: Laughing Oak Press, 2013. 148 pp., 32 chapters, plus Introduction and Acknowledgments. ISBN 978.0.6158726.5.0.
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About the author: (adapted from “After completing over 30 years in education as a teacher and principal, Lenore pursues her passion for writing. She writes humorous essays, poetry, a column in the Napa Valley Register, as well as a blog on the local restaurant scene and her dog’s blog, which became My Leash on Life. She also enjoys photography, travel, and cooking.”

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