Two Books by Carol McKibben

Luke’s Tale: A Story of Unconditional Love by Carol McKibben, and Snow Blood, Season 1 by Carol McKibben. Double Book Review, Fiction

Carol F. McKibben writes creative fiction, primarily books about remarkable dogs. In Luke’s Tale, we find a yellow Labrador retriever that can understand human conversations and actions, and who narrates his story to the reader. In science (anthropology) this is called anthropomorphism.

anthropomorphism, n. – ascribing human characteristics to non-human things, animals, etc.

In writing it is called imagination, ingenuity, resourcefulness or creativeness.

If such a condition were real, we’d find just what Carol so eloquently relates—that Luke’s human companions often miss the fact that the dog understands them, and that Luke can become quite frustrated at times. But Luke is a clever and resourceful canine, as dogs can be, and gently nudges his humans in various ways towards appropriate actions and behaviors.

Luke_20140717_0002In Luke’s Tale, Sara Colson has cancer, but wants to keep it and the associated trauma secret from her lover, Ashlundt Jaynes. To do so, Sara tells Ashlundt a wild tale and attempts to disappear from his life, ostensibly out of her love for him. Ashlundt is heartbroken and Luke, clever canine that he is, figures this all out and sets out through various means to bring the couple back together again.

It is an intriguing read, one that ultimately overcomes the couple’s dilemma and restores their relationship. There are various sub-themes here, also, including a lawsuit against Ashlundt by a client that disrupts his life in ways almost as traumatic as Sara’s disappearance. Overall, it is a story of unconditional love, one that is designed to affect the reader in a deep and meaningful way.

 In Snow Blood, Season 1, another of Carol McKibben’s books, we encounter Snow, a white husky, who (as in Luke’s Tale, above) tells his own story. It involves a sinister plot against the father of all vampires told through a stream of supernatural events. And there’s another love triangle, of a sort, involving Selene, Brogio and Snow. This wildly imaginative tale delves deeply into a complex occult world of the vampire and the panwere (a type of shapeshifter).Luke_20140717_0001

vampire, n. – one whom drinks the blood of others, be it animal or human.

panwere, n. – a shapeshifter that can morph its life to match that of another creature.

This first of a series (Series 1) is told in six scenes or episodes. If you are a lover of vampire stories involving clever dogs, this book is for you.

For more about Carol McKibben and her books go to See also Carol McKibben’s Author’s Page on Amazon, at

Luke’s Tale: A Story of Unconditional Love, by Carol McKibben. Troll River Publications, Los Angeles, 2012. Paperback; 173 pp., 14 chapters + Prologue and Dear Reader. ISBN: 978.1.939564.02.3.

Snow Blood, Season 1, by Carol McKibben. Troll River Publications, Los Angeles, 2014. Paperback; 241 pp. In six Episodes: Transformation, Discovery, Selene, Rebellion, Battle, Kane + To Read More about Snow Blood and his Pack. ISBN: 978.1.939564.36.8

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