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Sergeant Stubby

Book Review – Nonfiction, Canine Biography Sergeant Stubby is a biography of a dog, a stray Bull Terrier who joined the American forces in France in World War-I, and (as the sub-title puts it) “stole the heart of a nation.” … Continue reading

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Book Review – Nonfiction, Humor Dog-Tripping by David Rosenfelt is a book jam-packed with dogs at the center of an adventure to transport several RVs full of them, from coast to coast. The whole long title is Dog Tripping: 25 … Continue reading

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The Cantankerous Dog and the Yoga Instructor

BOOK REVIEW – Fiction can·tan·ker·ous, adj.; ill-tempered and quarrelsome; disagreeable, irascible; difficult to handle In Murder Strikes a Pose by Tracey Weber, Kate runs a yoga studio in Seattle. Michael runs a pet shop nearby. George is a vagrant who peddles papers … Continue reading

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Dog Gone Good – Book Review

What do you get when an experienced vet with a sense a humor and a talent for writing pens a novel about dogs? In this case, a great read. Nick Trout is the veterinary/author. The book is Dog Gone, Back … Continue reading

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