Allergy AlertTM Dogs against Anaphylaxis

Got an allergy? Get an Allergy Alert Dog!

That’s the solution proposed by allergy specialists and a company called Angel Service Dogs (

A recent news story, with video, was aired on a Boston, Massachusetts area TV station (ABC News-5)): ‘Dog Sniffs out Children’s Allergens’.

indexOne in every 13 children have one or more food allergies. Many of them suffer from the debilitating effects of Anaphylaxis. Anaphylactic shock is the body’s reaction to an allergy attack, or the presence of an offending allergen, that results in a rapidly progressing reaction to certain foods (peanuts, eggs) or drugs. It is the most life-threatening aspects of an allergic reaction.

Service Dogs are now being trained to sniff out allergens and to warn people, especially children, when they are in dangerous proximity.

Read more about Allergy AlertTM Dogs at, and see the video from Boston about 3-year old Gabriel’s problems at!GykQa. Read more of ‘Gabriel’s Story’ and his specially trained dog ‘Sheba’ at

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