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Allergy AlertTM Dogs against Anaphylaxis

Got an allergy? Get an Allergy Alert Dog! That’s the solution proposed by allergy specialists and a company called Angel Service Dogs ( A recent news story, with video, was aired on a Boston, Massachusetts area TV station (ABC News-5)): … Continue reading

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In the Temple of Wolves – A Review

Canine: an animal of the family Canidae, especially a dog; characteristic of or resembling dogs, wolves, or related animals. (American Heritage Dictionary) Canidae: a natural family of doglike mammals including wolves, domestic dogs, coyotes, jackals, foxes and hyenas. (Webster’s Revised Unabridged … Continue reading

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Sound of a Train (and a Dog Named Moose) – a Review

Every so often we receive (by post) a book, or (by email) a suggestion of a book, to review. Normally, the books fit our purpose — to introduce readers to notable books and to alert them to news stories or … Continue reading

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