Books About Dogs, Suggested By Readers


UNLEASHED: POEMS BY WRITERS’ DOGS’ edited by Amy Hemple and Jim Shepard (Three Rivers Press, 1995).

The editors write:“There is a tradition of writing in the voice of a dog that begin, as best we can tell, with Alexander Pope in the eighteenth century:

I am his Highness’ dog at Kew;

Pray Tell me, sir, whose dog are you?

Then, they present several dozen poems written by writers. Here’s a snippet of one by Charles  Baxter entitled ‘Dog kibble: A villanelle’ –

Live is never meaningless: there is always food.

All day I sit upon the stairs, nose between the bars,

And consider kibble – its smell, its taste, its mood …

If you have a copy of this book, and wish to review it, please do, and send it to Don at

About LiteraryDogs

I write and read about dogs, and admire dogs in print; ergo 'LiteraryDogs'. If you have some or all of these same sentiments, let's share our reading/writing knowledge and canine literary insights. My own writings are about Tibetan mastiffs, but I'm flexible and enjoy all dogs.
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