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myth of Tibetan mastiff.

Since this topic is close to some of my canine research interests,* this recent article from China Times deserves reprinting here. It tells us to what lengths a myth (about size, in particular; and now about prestige) can take people … Continue reading

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Canine Health Site

You can keep up on Canine Health issues at this website: You can also sign up for receiving the blog by email.

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Just Who is the Human in the Picture? -arf, arf

You can sing the title of this posting to the tune ‘How much is that doggy in the window (arf, arf)/the one with the waggley tail…’, which in turn is loosely based on ‘Carnival of Venice’, a folk tune. The … Continue reading

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More Studies of Dog Domestication

The online journal, ScienceDaily ( regularly publishes research findings from universities, journals and various scientific organizations. ScienceDaily along with a similar service, ScienceNews (, cover all aspects of science, including cynology – the study of dogs. In a recent article, the … Continue reading

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