Please… Let Me Stay
By Susan Nelowet and Helen Hagerty
Reviewed by Don Messerschmidt

The story of Toby, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, comes out of real life events surrounding his adoption in Naples, Florida, in the mid-1990s. Who owned him?            Who gave him up? Who adopted him? It all looked good for his new owner, until a lawyer showed up and took the dog away. Was it fair? Would the new owner lose his new dog? Toby This is the conundrum that drives this interesting little book. It is a complicated issue, with lawyers on both sides and a considerate judge sitting at her bench.
So, who owns Toby? Who gets to keep him?
For the readers of the Naples Daily News, Toby’s story was a cause célèbre. This little book sums Toby’s story up in an easy style. It is written for a younger audience from the point of view of the dog, and although it is a young adult book, older readers and others interested in animal welfare in the eyes of the law will also enjoy the story.
The lead author told this reviewer that the tone of the book was deliberately kept as unsaccharine as possible while still conveying the story’s emotional reality. The books second author was closely associated with Toby, and gives personal depth to the plot and the story’s outcome.
It’s a good read, one that adults and younger readers, alike, will enjoy.


Cross Reference Communications, Woodbridge, Virginia, 2013, 101 pp. ISBN: 978-0-9897475-1-6.

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