An Interview with Bryan Cummins – on Dogs in Literature

Bryan Cummins, an anthropologist who specializes in dogs and their role in human society and culture, is interviewed at ABEBooks online about books on dogs, his love of dogs, and his own studies:

Bryan is the author of well over a dozen books, many of them about dogs. Here are some representative titles: The Working Airedale (1994), Airedales: The Oorang Story (2001), The Terriers of Scotland and Ireland: Their History and Development (2001), First Nations, First Dogs: Canadian Aborriginal Ethnocynology (2002), Colonel Richardson’s Airedales: The Making of the British War Dog School, 1900-1918 (2003), and Pyrenean Partners: Herding and Guarding Dogs in the French Pyrenees (2006, co-authored with Patricia Lore).

Bryan’s most recent book is Our Debt to the Dog: How the Domestic Dog Helped Shape Human Societies (2013). (See the review of Bryan’s book, above…)

About LiteraryDogs

I write and read about dogs, and admire dogs in print; ergo 'LiteraryDogs'. If you have some or all of these same sentiments, let's share our reading/writing knowledge and canine literary insights. My own writings are about Tibetan mastiffs, but I'm flexible and enjoy all dogs.
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