Friendly Airport Dogs…

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Whenever I travel out of the USA I read the International Herald Tribune (which is basically the New York Times). This morning, to my pleasant surprise, on the penultimate page in the ‘International Traveler’ section, I spotted this friendly dog story:

DOG BROUGHT INTO U.S. AIRPORTS TO TRY TO REDUCE TRAVELER STRESS  (IHT Friday May 31, 2013 (p.19), from the Associated Press.)

     “There is a new breed of dog in U.S. airports. They are not sniffing for drugs or bombsthey are looking for people who need a friend, a belly to rub or a paw to shake.

     “The dogs are intended to take the stress out of travel–the crowds, long lines and terrorism concerns. Mineta San Jose International Airport in San Jose, California, is widely credited with introducing the airport therapy dog in the days after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, when flights were grounded, anxious passengers were stranded and reaching friends and relatives was nearly impossible.

     “San Jose now has 9 dogs. Miami International Airport now has 1, and Los Angeles International Airport has 30. The dogs are identifiable by the vests or bandanas they wear.”

For more about the Friendly Airport Dogs (with photos), see They are easy to identify–their vests that say ‘Pet Me’…

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