Sniffing Out Endangered Animals

Sniffing Out Endangered Animals

Megan Parker carries poop in her purse. At least she does when she’s working with her dog Pepin, who’s trained to track the scat of endangered wildlife.
Having the right scent on hand allows Parker to direct her dog during a search.
Parker and Pepin have helped conservation workers protect wildlife all over the world. With Pepin’s superior sense of smell, the 7-year-old Belgian Malinois has tracked everything from endangered kit foxes in the San Joaquin Valley to the perilously small population of Cross River gorillas in the mountains of Cameroon.”

That is the lead to an interesting story about a dog’s wildlife tracking ability… The story is: ‘Conservation dogs sniff out endangered animals’, by Elizabeth Devitt.
Read the full story at:
The photo is of ‘Pepin’, a BELGIAN MALINOIS working with WORKING DOGS FOR CONSERVATION at a demonstration in California. Photo by LiPo Ching.

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