Can This Dog Solve the Black Dahlia Homicide?

The talented ‘Buster’ sniffs out clues in a 70-year old murder mystery.

Read about it in ‘The Daily Beast’, online at:

Learning to love grains, potatoes was key to the evolution of dogs, by David Grown, The Washington Post, January 23, 2013.

For more insight into the domestication of the dog (along the lines of the interesting book, How the Dog Became Dog: From Wolves to Our Best Friends (Mark Derr and David Colacci, Overlook Press, 2011), read this piece on how and why dogs do quite well eating grain-based dog biscuits. Online at: This article is also available to read with comments and discussion at this Retriever blogsite:

 Cornell’s $35,000 Robot Is Step Up From Dane’s Condoms, by Patrick Cole, Bloomberg News, January 22, 2013

This dog is costly, and does strange and fascinating things. Robo-Jerry II is a four-legged robotic dog with a price tag of $35K. You can read about him (him? her? it?…) at


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